Fashion Tips for Your Figure

Do you know what shape your body? Are you an apple or a pear? Or are you happy with an hourglass figure? It does not matter what figure you have, but it is important that you know it. So you can adjust your clothing on your body and still go with the latest trends.
Ladies with a slim torso and a somewhat fuller hips have a pear-shaped body. Actress and Singer Jennifer Lopez has such a figure. The search for a perfect-fitting jeans is often a hell, but it more than worth it. Because once you have one that is good, you can endlessly combine. Choose jeans with small back pockets and a dark color. With a tight top and killer heels you've got a killer body.
An apple figure is characterized by a full upper body and slender legs. Actress and upcoming MTV Movie Awards presenter Rebel Wilson has an apple figure and is proud of it. To get into the body form waist straps work well and it may be a broad. A fitted jacket also does wonders. Bold accessories lead the attention away from your fuller parts and are perfect to combine with a afkledend black dress. A tip to see most advantageous to you is corrective (seated) underwear.
Who knows and does not want him, the hourglass figure. Although this is the most sought after figure, big breasts, and hips with a thin waist, it is difficult to find good clothing. What you want is close-fitting clothing, such as tight top and jeans or a figure-hugging dress. But often sit tight tops are at the breasts tightly and lubbe in the abdomen and jeans at the legs perfectly but wide at the waist. To give your waist extra attention you can wear a waist belt.
In the film Black Swan Nathalie she was extremely thin, but Nathalie was also already very slim: typsiche bar figure. A bar figure has little curves and sometimes looks boyish. A good tip is to create curves the use of ruffles and layers. Take for example a blouse with ruffles, that gives the illusion that you have breasts. Busy prints also give a fuller effect.
Women with broad shoulders and a slim body, covered by the triangle figure. The sporty Cameron Diaz is one of them. By all the sports she has a toned body but broad shoulders. By wearing tight clothes let you figure out and with different collar lines, you can camouflage the effect of broad shoulders. Avoid details around the shoulders that make you just wider. Wear just wrap dresses or tops with wide straps.
Petite women often have the problem that they look like little girls. Although Sarah Jessica Parker is 40, she has a small and thin figure. High heels, especially platform heels, can go a long way. But there are more tricks to make you look longer. Make use of vertical stripes or dress all in one color. A pencil skirt from your waist to your knee also give you a longer look. And what is your figure shape? Google Reader will be disables soon, so I hope you guys can follow me on Bloglovin' to get my updates. Follow me here: thanks!

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