REVIEW | Limited Editon MAC 'Making Pretty' Lipstick

Recently I won this lipstick with a giveaway of Sunny and it was included with a Mac lipstick and I have not any Mac lipsticks before so thankyou again Sunny! Since May 3, is the beautiful Limited Editon MAC 'Making Pretty' in the store. This is a collection with Lipstick, Sheer Mystery Powder, Iridescent Powder and Brush set. Pictures are taken from
I got the Lustre lipstick in the color 'Milky Pastle Pink'. The nude / pink luster lipstick 3N is very beautiful and perfect for a nude lip, especially if you have a light to medium skin. It's a Limited Edition and it shows. Both the sleeve and on the packaging It is a luxurious collection. The sleeve is of rose-colored metal with a kind of pink leather case, really beautiful!
Price & where to buy?
Milky Pastel Pink is a Lustre lipstick and is for sale for € 27.50. You can buy it online at or at any drugstore. 
The lipstick smells like vanilla scent and it covers my lip beautiful, it also doesn't feels heavy on my lips. The lipstick feels soft, it's a bit of a sort of lip balm. This was my first Mac lipstick I have tried and I really love it!
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