The 7 Beauty Marks

In the 16th century beauty got a new meaning. Who was beautiful was also good and honest. Lists of what was exactly beauty, were made and the seven beauties were born. However, other stories and anecdotes also do the rounds. In short, nobody knows! The seven beauties in a row.
Light hair and dark eyes and dark hair and light eyes
Contrast always does well. Do you have light hair and dark eyes, or dark hair and light eyes. Therefore you belong to the proud owners of one of the seven beauties.
Slit between the teeth
The brackets flying over the counter, but it is one of the seven beauties: the famous slit between the teeth. Madonna started it, and later earned models like Lara Stone tons of money with it. Down with perfection, imperfection it is!
Beauty spot
Marilyn Monroe here is the perfect example of this: the beauty spot above her lip. They made sure many women took a black kohl pencil in the 50s, at the drugstore. It's just hot and they knew it in the 50s al
Almond-shaped eyes
Almond-shaped eyes are eyes on the outside are slightly larger than on the inside. With almond eyes you from all sides in terms of makeup. But to strengthen almond eyes extra is to draw a line with kohl pencil applied under the eye. Don't have almond shaped eyes but you would like to generate the illusion? , Apply eyeliner on your eyelid, add a line that runs to the outside slightly. Just like Lauren Conrad often does.
Dimpled cheeks
The famous smile dimples! You have it or you do not have them and that depends on the muscle attachment in your mouth. Plastic surgeons practical work overtime to keep the question. Rather look at the things you do have instead of the things you have not!
Personally, we find freckles very cute, but we know that the people involved are often less welcome more. May it now once and for all clear that be? Cherished the freckles
long eyelashes
Disney characters have long eyelashes in order to emphasize these figures. Femininity additional A sultry glance is finally only half as sultry without long eyelashes. Truly one of the seven beauties so. Fortunately, you can easily create them if you do not have: the right mascara, an eyelash or fake eyelashes.

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