TIPS | For How Your Lipstick Can Stay Longer!

Sensual red lips, or you go on the dark tour, bright pink or orange? The fact is that lipstick to sit where it's supposed to and therefore should not stick on your wine glass, fork or cigarette Therefore 6 step by step tips to your lipstick to give a longer shelf-life
Do scrub
It sounds grim: a scrub for your lips. But eerily the very least! Most scrubs mean for your lips are equipped with some soft butters your fine care of lips. So take a few minutes in the morning and you have the whole day benefit! Check out the post about lip scub here. 
Sprinkle clean, soft lips with some powder. So you can create the perfect base for the lip pencil when you're going to put in the next step Apply after applying the lip pencil some powder again, for long lasting!
Lip pencil
Use to start just the same color as the lipstick you use. The lip liner ensures that emphasizes the contours of your lips nice and your lipstick will last longer. Beginning with the edge of your lips and then color it.
Time for the lipstick. Work with a brush if you find that's easier. Stay within the lines: no one is waiting for a second Base. When I read lipstick it reminds me always of the song 'Lipstick' of Orange Caramel.
Extra Tips: Lipcote and Tissue
There are also various lipcote who claim that they will keep your lipstick in place for longer. Through a thin layer protecting them lipstick. The opinions are divided about it. Have you got no powder in your closet, or do you simply not at hand. , Bite between your two layers of lipstick went a tissue. Google Reader will be disables soon, so I hope you guys can follow me on Bloglovin' to get my updates. Follow me here: thanks!

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