The further we get into the year the easier our good intentions lay beside us. Here are 7 fitness plans that you can not forget!
1. Enjoy the sports
Sports should be fun. To get fit, you do not need to go to the gym. Try to find out what you like. Is it football or tennis right? Are you a morning exerciser or just an evening exerciser? Even walking or cycling to school or work can make all the difference. Every little bit helps!
2. Reward yourself
Reward yourself when you achieve a fitness goal. Tracking and reward your achievements is the best motivation! Choose a reward something other than food. Go do something fun or buy those cute earrings for yourself!
3. Vary interval and yoga
Try interval training. It burns more fat and reduces the risk of injuries. Also by yoga or pilates to add to your training you will be less injury prone. A nice side effect: yoga ensures faster for better long and lean muscles. Also it gives not only your body but also your mind power boost it needs!
4.. 'Strong is the new slim'
Strong is the new thin! Therefore train with weights or your own body weight. Do exercises like push-ups or the Burpee. This gives you stronger bones and nice defined muscles. Remember that no diet the same result as a good workout!
5. Eat well
For a good workout, hear good food. It is the fuel for your body! So eat enough carbohydrates and more fiber. Especially if you exercise regularly, you'll need it to provide enough energy. Eat as varied as possible and eat carbohydrate-rich foods such as sweet potatoes, quinoa and berries. Fibre helps your body wastes released during exercise, faster to implement. Especially vegetables are full of fiber!
6. Customize your training regularly
Customize your training regularly to keep your body and mind sharp. This will prevent the body gets used to certain courses. See you after a few weeks of training still no results, change your training than previously. As varied food, a varied training is the key to the best result.
7. Take rest
Why do you think athletes after a long period of much training have a rest? Exactly! Because this is essential for a healthy body. Too much exercise can lead to injuries and burnout. Our body can only tolerate a certain maximum. As you get fitter, stronger and stronger would be, you have the occasional slow down, how many of you keep training. Rest is just as important for a good workout and the workout itself!
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