Bad Beauty Habits

Everyone has bad habits, we know it. But these five beauty habits that I am gonna show you today, you  better quickly unlearn them.
For many women an excuse to scrab of their nail polish. You maybe think it is not bad but just wait till you home and just use the nail polish remover. Because along with the nail polish, you also remove the top layer of your nail making them very vulnerable.
Sharing Make up
Cozy enough, putting on make up with your friends. But there can be all kinds of bacteria spread, you might want to avoid. Prefer to borrow each other's makeup If you still want to lend you makeup? Serve with a cotton swab with.
Are you a person who is constantly playing with your hair? Try this now to leave it because it will be very fragile and it may cause to hair loss. Still playing? Pull your hair up, you will see that it is better soon.
Do you always pull out the hairs in your hairbrush? That's a good thing! But then you're not there yet. Try to put your hairbrush every month in a bath with soap So you can avoid bacteria!
Daily washing your hair
Nothing finer than freshly washed hair. But try not to wash it very day. The natural oils that are on your scalp will be removed, with the result that your scalp will produce more oils that means: your hair will be fatter.
Storing old makeup
Do not let make up that is untouched laying for years, this is just a breeding ground for bacteria. What bad beauty habits do you have?

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