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Coconut oil, unlike the name suggests, a solid substance at a 25 degree to liquid. It is used in preparing meals because of the many good fats that contain coconut oil, but can also be perfectly used for the care of our bodies.
Make-up remover
Get some coconut oil between your fingers and apply it to your face. Let it soak in and then remove it with a cotton pad. You will see that your skin has never been so smooth.
Hair treatment
Grease, before you take a shower, a cargo coconut oil in your hair, just like you would do with a hair mask Initially of the length of your hair, you will use about two tablespoons of coconut oil. Let this be a half hour and rinse it off under the shower. Your hair will get a nice boost and is very shiny.
Coconut oil is also perfect to use as shaving gel. Use some coconut oil, let it heat up between your hands and then grease it on your legs. You blade has never been so fast on your legs and afterwards you will have a tender skin.
Bath oil
Use a little amount of coconut oil in the bath and your skin is wonderfully nourished and cared. After soaking, it might take some time to move into but take the time!
Especially with the sunny days it is possible that you're here and there burned. Just because some of us are too stubborn to lubricate. Anyway coconut oil is also a very fine after sun. Cover your skin with a little coconut oil and the oil causes your skin soothes and heals faster.
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