Introducing Philips VisaPure

You brush your teeth and clean your face. But is your face really clean after this scrub and scrub-session? Philips Visa Pure comes with a revolutionary method of facial cleansing that is 10x more effective than manual cleaning. And it's fast too!
How does it work?
Philips Pure Visa is an electric facial cleanser with unique 'double motion' technology, with both rotary and vibratory movements that gently removes makeup, dead skin cells and other debris from the skin and improves circulation. The Visa Pure used in combination with own familiar cleaning. The result is a super clean radiant skin.
Visa Pure is easy to use, small, wireless, waterproof and can be used in the shower. The timer indicates when it is time to go, which are both the face and the neck optimally and evenly cleaned in just a minute. Following a skin area To match the skin as much as possible on your needs, in addition to the normal brushes brushes also available for sensitive skin and peeling.
The Philips Pure Visa costs EUR 159,99 including two brush heads. The brushes should be replaced after about 3 months (twice daily use) and can be purchased from EUR 8.99.

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