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Famous makeup artists, models and other beauty queens swear by it all: the use of a moisturizer. Where and what exactly does moisturizer?
Moisturizer, derived from the word moisturizen, is a product that nourishes your skin optimally by its moisturizing effect. Women with dry to very dry skin will certainly take benefit of it! A moisturizer makes sure that the skin loses moisture more slowly and simultaneously place substances on the skin retain moisture.
But even if you do not have dry skin using a moisturizer is a good idea. Especially if you often use foundation or powder. Foundation has a tendency to close pores in your skin. By applying the moisturizer under your foundation, your skin will be provided throughout the day.
So Moisturizer keeps the barrier function of the skin stable and increasing the risk of skin problems significantly decreases. So less of skin irritations, eczema, sheets or dull skin. In addition moisturizer also has the capacity to make the skin smoother: perfect for under foundation.
Are you not using foundation, but still want a tan on your face? There are also tinted moisturizers for sale.. Test the moisturizer on your hand, if the color that blends with your skin you have the right color.
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