SUMMER | Beach Must Haves!

When we hear nice weather we naturally think of the sea and the beach. Unfortunately the weather isn't very warm but here some fun items that you must have for the beach!
The first item must have is a bikini. A bikini seems so simple, but once you venture out to buy a bikini is it always difficult. You do have a lot of different models and each model is not for every body shape. A model that we see a lot is the strapless bikini. This is perfect if you lie baking in the sun for days because you will not get those white lines
The item that nobody can do without in the summer is of course the sunglasses. Our collection is therefore bigger and bigger every year and we still have not had enough. Because every year there are again many sunglasses trends in that we really should have anyway! We are now a big fan of the glasses with mirrored glasses and sunglasses that look very vintage!
Sand is a real nightmare, because it's everywhere! Then it is fine if you can save and creates a sand-free zone. In the pool you don't need one but if you have just taken a five is surely nice to get your towel. And above it all a nice towel in color is just very stylish.
I always take a beachbag with me when I go to the beach. They are convenient, nice and big and make your beach outfit complete.
If we could we would lie all day in the sun or having sunbathing terraces, but unfortunately that's not always successful. Consider opportunities to wrinkles, dark spots weird and of course skin cancer. To prevent sunburn always take some sunscreen with you!
You want to go to have a lunch or a drink in a beach tent then it isn't so neat to walk in with your bikini Pull as an easy dress and you can spend hours lounging in the beach.
There are certain items that you simply must have in the summer. And we were just talking about the sunglasses, but sandals are another example, you have them in heels or flats. It does not matter that you already have 10 pairs, because they are always slightly different.
Franje bikini's are a hot trend and definitely a must have this year, you will see a lot of people wearing this franje bikini.
Jewellery is not very useful on the beach or in the pool. Fortunately, there are other ways to master your outfit. We already had the beach bag and sandals, but there are other accessories. A hat, perfect for the beach! A small straw hat or a big diva hat, everything is possible.
Previously swimsuits were totally unfashionable and they were mainly seen in boring solid colors, but times change! The swimsuits are also awfully populair. They are now in fun prints and cut out small pieces.
Sandals are always a hit in the summer, but this summer there are other shoes that are also very popular. These are named espadrilles, a Spanish slip that feels gentle and extremely popular among the great designers.
A triangle bikini is much that we see every year in the shops and the beach of course. It is actually the most standard model, but still very nice. It may be a standard model, but usually they are nice decorated.

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