TIPS | Against Cellulite!

The days are getting warmer, so we are going to show our legs more. Time to pay attention to that orange peel emerging. Here are Four Essential Tips to reduce cellulite
Movement stimulates blood circulation and is therefore good in the fight against cellulite. Do you have a sedentary job, make sure you have enough moves through occasional round to walk to get water or to get some fresh air. It is advisable to move anyway at least 30 minutes a day
Make sure your hydration levels is good. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and avoid drinks like alcohol, coffee and tea because it just worsen the moisture. Also reduce the use of salt in your food and eating salty products.
The sooner you are off your waste, the better. So make sure you're drinking enough water and that your meals are high in fiber. This promotes bowel movements, causing the waste leaving your body sooner.
The orange peel is caused by connective tissue which paved and thereby pulling the skin down. Therefore it is important to massage the loose connective tissue so that it comes off. There are massagebrushes and gloves that are available that increase the effect. Make circular motions towards the heart during or after a hot shower or bath.

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