Don't let your skin dry out 
Don't wash your skin too much. Because you are using aggressive means to get started as cleanser or soap it  removes the natural protection of your skin. So use a cleansing milk the natural oils from your skin complements rather than depleting
A scrub sometimes is not really wrong, but try the softer variant as a mild fruit mask or a mask of mild cane. In both types of masks are AHA fruit acids, which in turn means the generation of new young cells. On top of ensuring the fruit acids for synthesis of collagen, which in turn lead to less wrinkles.
UV radiation
We know it for about 100 years, but still most of us opinionated: UV radiation causes wrinkles. So make sure you always protect your skin before you go outside. Therefore, choose a sunscreen that titanium dioxide or zinc in it. These do not need every two hours to re-lubricate, but remain much longer.

Good fats
Embark on healthy fats, because these essential fatty acids nourish the skin and keep it youthful. So do not hesitate to get a fish to eat or even more often linseed oil to intervene: they are full of omega 3 fatty acids. Google Reader will be disables soon, so I hope you guys can follow me on Bloglovin' to get my updates. Follow me here: thanks!

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