TIPS | Make-up For People With Glasses

Do you wear glasses with a distinctive edge, then you have to consider it. Think of it as an accessory that you want to make even more beautiful. Do you have glasses without border, you can do whatever you want. Glasses without border does not change the face of the woman.
For eyeglass wearers, the attention quickly go's to the eyebrows. So make sure they appear neat and tidy. Epilate them carefully in a form that fits in your face and color if necessary.

A healthy tan on the cheeks is always nice. Make sure the blush follows the edge of your seat, and not that your blush and glasses are 'touching' each other.
A lipstick, the divisions between your glasses (and your eyes) and the rest of your face optimize. Do you have a very striking frame? Then choose a popping lipstick for a nice balance.

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