DIY | Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

The great thing about a strawberry smoothie recipe is the simplicity and the need for only one type of fruit. This recipe has no added sugar and is a pure balance between natural and healthy sugars (fructose) and added proteins.

You need:
2 cups soy milk
20 grams vanilla protein powder (whey protein)
8 large strawberries (preferably frozen)
4 ice cubes

Add all ingredients in order of the above listing. Then mix all ingredients until smooth and enjoy the delicious strawberry smoothie recipe. A great idea is to take two small strawberries and mix a few seconds to it so that the pieces of delicious strawberry smoothie get through it.
A delicious banana smoothie; sweet, creamy and full of energy. And ready in only 5 minutes. For 4 servings.

You need:
2 frozen bananas, peeled and sliced
225ml milk
4 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons brown sugar
8 ice cubes

Grind the banana into pieces in the blender and add the milk. Then add water and brown sugar and blend everything until smooth. Add ice cubes and blend again until the drink is smooth. Divide the banana smoothie into 4 glasses and serve immediately.
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