REVIEW | SISLEY PARIS Linden Blossom Face Mask

When I was buying some new skincare products I came across a mask from Sisley Paris and since my other mask sheets and products were empty I chose to buy this. So today I will be reviewing the Masque Givré au Tilleul' mask. Read more about it in this blogpost.
The Mask 'Masque Givré au Tilleul ' is very thin, like cream. In the winter my skin is so dry that an extra heavy mask, as clay masks, is not suitable for me and so is this thin cream-like mask ideal for my skin. This mask is suitable for sensitive and tired skin and epidermis become softened by the potent ingredient linden blossom.
Creamy formula made with nondrying clay and a complex of essent. But it is very easy to blend and to spread it all over your face. It has a linden blossem scent what is not overwhelming, I am not so into overwhelming scented products so this one is perfect for me. 

How to use?
The product comes in a tube, so much better than heavy glass tubes, esspecially while traveling! Apply an even layer of Facial Mask with Linden Blossom to perfectly cleansed skin; leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, and complete with the lotion best suited to your skin type.

Price and where to buy?
You can buy this mask product for €85, wich is quite expensive at any drugstores or online. I have tried a sample first of this product and I have liked it so much so that's why I've bought the full product. Sisley Paris has a collection of different face mask products for every skin type, when you have the chance you really should take one of these mask products!
Would I recomment this? Yes! The Botanical Facial Mask with Linden Blossom makes my skin soft and relax the facial features while cleansing and removing impurities. It also helps soothe surface irritation and brighten the complexion.
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