As I may told you before online shopping.. I really hated it before because of the shipping fees and that it will take too long to get it here. But a few months ago I discoverd a online fashion clothing wholesaler, I started to look at the clothes and they were totally my style and I began to like online shopping!

ABOUT is s an online fashion clothing wholesaler. They are suppliers of many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide. Efoxcity offers Men Clothing, Fashion dresses ,Women Clothing, Wedding Dresses, Homecoming Dresses, Special Occasion and much more. They have an extensive selection of high quality products and their prices are the way to go. They shipping all over the world with a very cheap price!
Whenever I am online shopping on a website, I always start to look at their wholesale dresses. Efoxcity has a huge collection of dresses for any occasion, whenever it is for at home, going out or just a lovely dress to wear in the summer. Can you believe that they have fashion dresses for under the 100$!
They do not only offer fashion dresses but also discount wedding dresses! Did you know that time when you was a little girl and dreamed of your dream wedding and wedding dress? They offer different kind of wedding dresses from little wedding dresses to long prom a like wedding dresses.
They also have different types of elegant formal dresses under 100$ online and the designs for the special occasion dresses they have are very contemporary and portray alot of sophistication. It's amazing how they have many varieties for anyone's personal preference.
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Recently Etude House released some new products named Any Cushion, wich included a almighty foundation and the Milky You collection. Read more about the new products in this blogpost.

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion has an SPF 50 and promises a long wearing formula rich with pearl mineral powder to give a brightening finish to skin. It includes Niacinamide to whiten skin as well with a creamy rich formula that blends easily into skin. Hylaronic acid ensures skin is moisturized and retains that moisture through the wear. It's also easy to wash the puff, see the picture below!
I very curious about this extractor. You have to press the spoon side on the center of the pimple and press lightly but I do not know what the other side is for.
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TIPS For Preventing from mosquito bites!

It is that time of year that mosquitoes are active. It is perhaps one of the most annoying bugs of summer. And those bumps they leave behind we will rather see them going than coming. Therefore five tips to avoid mosquito bites!
Mosquitoes love sweating feet. So make sure your feet as much as possible fresh and clean. So no sneakers in the summer, but put on your sandals and slippers!
A nice fresh cold beer on the terrace? Not such a good idea. Mosquitoes are namely lovingbeer. A very good reason to go for a cocktail instead of beer.
Big group
Do you want to sit on the terrace? Make sure you have many friends with you. These mosquitoes can not choose their victims in a large group, even though they are attracted by body heat and the smell of sweat.
Are you suddenly the victim of countless mosquito bites? Then take a pregnancy test, pregnant women are in fact extra yummy for mosquitoes.
Sinds it is summer anyway wear less little black dresses. These mosquitoes come out on dark colors. Fortunately dresses in bright pastel colors also fine! What do you do to prevent mosquito bites?
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NEW Trend In Korea: Puffy Eyes (Aegyo Sal)

In Korea plays yet another extreme trend: getting bags under your eyes through plastic surgery. The beauty trend is called 'Aegyo sal "and means" eye smiles "or" cute skin' and is undergoing in order to get a youthful and attractive appearance.
Leftwith puffy eyes, right without. Do you see the difference? Would give a youthful look, especially when you smile. These thick pieces of skin under the eyes I understand a little what they mean. I still like the idea without puffy eyes because it looks very fresh and natural eyes. The lady in these pictures has indeed those puffy eyes of herself of did the operation, the picture on the right is photoshopped.
Another way to obtain this is under-eye bags to explain, that then creates walls, while others may even go for injections. By a particular bonding sticker This will draw a piece of skin under the eyes tightly, making the piece above it is thicker and rounder. Could this also happen with a piece of tape? See below the before & after images of this new trend.

Also you can create this effect with makeup, Michelle Phan has maked a make up tutorial of it. I do love the make up tutorial of Michelle. I do have those under eyes bag or 'puffy eyes' of myself but if I didn't had them I also won't take any surgery. It's what people like or love, it's up to themself.

TIPS To prevent getting blisters!

I always have to wear immediately my new shoes. But blisters are rather the rule than the exception. But how can you reduce or prevent getting blisters? Read more about it in my post today.
Cold Water
Wash your feet with cold water and don't wash it with soap. Soap makes the skin softer which increases the risk of blisters.
It seems obvious, but we women love it but rarely, buy shoes that are appropriate. These are shoes that you can not slide your foot, but where there is enough room for your toes (you will have at the same time less affected by fungal nails).
Do you suffer from sweaty feet? Sprinkle some talcum powder in your shoe, on your feet and / or in your socks. In this way your feet will be less rapidly wet, and the chance of getting blisters are also smaller.

Do you already have the feeling that you are getting blisters? Then paste the sensitive area with tape. At the drugstore you can get sports tape, which are well suited for this. Make sure that the tape does not have bumps or bulges shown: this only gives more chance of blisters.
Buy prefer leather, then plastic shoes. Leather breathes better, reducing the risk of blisters is. Additionally leather has a fine aspect that molds to your feet, so the fit is much better.
Remove the excessive calluses regularly. Blisters may also arise under the callus, and that is very painful and moreover the blister is more difficult to remove. What do you do to prevent blisters?
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