NEW Trend In Korea: Puffy Eyes (Aegyo Sal)

In Korea plays yet another extreme trend: getting bags under your eyes through plastic surgery. The beauty trend is called 'Aegyo sal "and means" eye smiles "or" cute skin' and is undergoing in order to get a youthful and attractive appearance.
Leftwith puffy eyes, right without. Do you see the difference? Would give a youthful look, especially when you smile. These thick pieces of skin under the eyes I understand a little what they mean. I still like the idea without puffy eyes because it looks very fresh and natural eyes. The lady in these pictures has indeed those puffy eyes of herself of did the operation, the picture on the right is photoshopped.
Another way to obtain this is under-eye bags to explain, that then creates walls, while others may even go for injections. By a particular bonding sticker This will draw a piece of skin under the eyes tightly, making the piece above it is thicker and rounder. Could this also happen with a piece of tape? See below the before & after images of this new trend.

Also you can create this effect with makeup, Michelle Phan has maked a make up tutorial of it. I do love the make up tutorial of Michelle. I do have those under eyes bag or 'puffy eyes' of myself but if I didn't had them I also won't take any surgery. It's what people like or love, it's up to themself.

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