TIPS For Preventing from mosquito bites!

It is that time of year that mosquitoes are active. It is perhaps one of the most annoying bugs of summer. And those bumps they leave behind we will rather see them going than coming. Therefore five tips to avoid mosquito bites!
Mosquitoes love sweating feet. So make sure your feet as much as possible fresh and clean. So no sneakers in the summer, but put on your sandals and slippers!
A nice fresh cold beer on the terrace? Not such a good idea. Mosquitoes are namely lovingbeer. A very good reason to go for a cocktail instead of beer.
Big group
Do you want to sit on the terrace? Make sure you have many friends with you. These mosquitoes can not choose their victims in a large group, even though they are attracted by body heat and the smell of sweat.
Are you suddenly the victim of countless mosquito bites? Then take a pregnancy test, pregnant women are in fact extra yummy for mosquitoes.
Sinds it is summer anyway wear less little black dresses. These mosquitoes come out on dark colors. Fortunately dresses in bright pastel colors also fine! What do you do to prevent mosquito bites?
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