TIPS To prevent getting blisters!

I always have to wear immediately my new shoes. But blisters are rather the rule than the exception. But how can you reduce or prevent getting blisters? Read more about it in my post today.
Cold Water
Wash your feet with cold water and don't wash it with soap. Soap makes the skin softer which increases the risk of blisters.
It seems obvious, but we women love it but rarely, buy shoes that are appropriate. These are shoes that you can not slide your foot, but where there is enough room for your toes (you will have at the same time less affected by fungal nails).
Do you suffer from sweaty feet? Sprinkle some talcum powder in your shoe, on your feet and / or in your socks. In this way your feet will be less rapidly wet, and the chance of getting blisters are also smaller.

Do you already have the feeling that you are getting blisters? Then paste the sensitive area with tape. At the drugstore you can get sports tape, which are well suited for this. Make sure that the tape does not have bumps or bulges shown: this only gives more chance of blisters.
Buy prefer leather, then plastic shoes. Leather breathes better, reducing the risk of blisters is. Additionally leather has a fine aspect that molds to your feet, so the fit is much better.
Remove the excessive calluses regularly. Blisters may also arise under the callus, and that is very painful and moreover the blister is more difficult to remove. What do you do to prevent blisters?
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