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Hello readers! You might remember the Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm that I got from my niece a while ago but I did not had the time to review it back then. So today I am going to do a review of the Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm. The pictures are taken from Beauty Story.

The packaging is in the form of a golden coloured egg. The product is stored in a plastic box which I find very handy. The step by step instructions are written on the back and at the right side of the package in Korean and in English if you cannot read Korean language. 
TonyMoly Eggpore Silky Smooth Balm is a concealer that is enriched with protein, effectively make the pores on nose invisible. Contains Magnolia bark and bud bean extracts, it soothes the irritation caused by daily pollution and free radicals The egg and camellia extracts further control sebum secretion, leaving your face soft and oil-free, make up will last longer as well.
The funny part of the golden egg is that you can break the upper part of the egg (shown above). So the golden egg can be recycled as a flowerpot. How cute and handy is that?
The product is stored under a plastic lid inside the golden egg. You will be able to see the cover in the middle when you hold the lid and turn it around, the lid prevents the product from going all over the place.
Most primers are silicon gel-type or hard balm-types but the texture of this product is between a silicon primer and a balm-type. Wich I really like and it is very easy to spread.
The texture of the primer makes any face base products glide on alot better. It gives the face a more flawless finish and the face also feels really soft. I find that this works really well with BB creams, but I have not tried it with foundations. It also makes your face base product last alot longer throughout the day with less need to touch up. The primer can also be used on its own to even out skin and minimise the appearance of pores. 
However, this product is silicon based so those with more sensitive skin or is allergic to silicons should be careful. If you're allergic to silicons, stay away from this. It is not advisable to use this everyday as it may clog pores.
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