Why is a cold shower good?

Taking a cold shower? No I prefer cold but lately I have read some good things about taking a cold shower. As a torture for some. So here are five tips why taking a cold shower is good for the body. First: with a cold shower, I really mean cold water. No combination with hot water to make it nicer.

Better circulation
Hot water improves blood circulation in the blood vessels, cold water ensures in turn that the organs get a better flow. So regularly between hot and cold and try to finish with cold water. In this way, the general circulation of the body will be optimally stimulated.
Hot water opens the pores, which is good, because now all the dirt is removed. However, it is also intended that the pores protect the skin from excess debris. Therefore it is wise to end with a cold shower to make sure that the pores are close.
Shine bright like a diamond
Cold water also has the nice property that it gives the hair more shine. And that is something we all want. The skin closes off because of the cold water. This gives your hair the opportunity to become stronger and to be shine more.
Dark under eyes
Cold water keeps the blood vessels having a better control and therefore causes less swelling, which is causing the dark circles under the eyes.
Last but not leasr, nothing is finer and fresher than standing up after a refreshing shower. You are (for the morning douchers) equal tasty awake and fresh. For the evening, it is a good occasion to wash all the hassles of the day, And nothing is finer than after cuddle under the bed sheets. Are you a fan of cold showers?
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