5 Beauty Winter Tips

Hi everyone! I am so sorry for not uploading for a while, it is just I have been very busy and was enjoying my holiday. Since it is a new year, new year, new chances I will try to post more! Anyway since it is winter your skin becomes dryer, your eyes will shine less. Not surprisingly that we spend a little more time on our makeup in the winter. Read 5 Tips to shine in the winter!
1. Foundation
In the summer, you have a nice tan and often also a darker foundation. In winter, your skin will be paler so it is better to choose a tint that's a bit lighter.
2. Blush
In the summer, you only need a little bit of makeup because your skin (by the many vitamin D) by itself radiates more. In winter is it less, and your skin can appear dull. How to solve it? A little blusher on your cheeks For example, choose candy pink or orange/peach and bring it subtly.
3. Accent
In the winter the makeup can be heavier. Make your eyebrows properly dark and the eyes may require more attention.
4. Darker?
In many cases, the beauty brands come out with dark colors in the winter. This is because they adapt to the often dark winter collections from fashion labels. Not surprisingly, that you also reach for darker shades. Dark shades does not suit everyone. So first try to experimentate with the colours, for example dark coloured lips?
5. Waterproof
The winter is a synonym for rain and snow, so go buy some waterproof cosmetics.

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