Happy New Hair

So pretty for a wedding!

A new year already. Good intentions, such as weight loss and exercise more is heard of course all in after the holidays. But what about a new hairstyle? I have looked at the (expected) hair trends of 2014 for all of you and putted it together below. Happy new hair!
Of course we know the Ombe hair last year. In 2014, a new variant of this look: the sombre. Sombre is a sober ombre, color transitions are less extreme, giving it a more natural look. Also, the transition is no longer dyed in a straight line.
The tight ponytail all coming back in 2014. As tight as possible to the ear and shine spray all the way! Blake Lively looks so pretty with a pony tail!
In 2013 we have seen more and more short hairstyles with short hair cuts on the catwalk, but in 2014 this will only increase. In the streets this year will also rise more and more with a short haircut.
It is finished with all the bright colors and pastel hair colors. 2014 is the year of natural hair colors, blonde, blond, brown and black.
A short hairstyle (bob) with many layers is totally in this year. Many volumes combined with a stylized look tousled hairstyle makes you completely ready in 2014.
Long, wild, tousled hair is a trend in 2014. Tease your hair with hairspray and backcombing creates a wild look, wild side baby!

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