REVIEW | Nature Republic Blackhead Nose Patch

About the product
The patch purifies the blackhead that is made by excess sebum and dirt in pores. It helps to purify the skin, manages dead skin cells, provides nutrition, and protects skin from further damage. Improves various troubles of pores and makes look bright and clean. Deeply clean the pore and leaving your skin clearer with less visible pores with no irritation. It's suitable for all skin type but might hurt a bit if you're having a sensitive skin.
Camellia flower extract, hazel leaf water, chestnut peel extract and lavender extract but it didn't have a smell of lavender.
How to use?
The strip can be used pretty much anywhere on your face with the exception of near your eyes. I used it on my nose, which I presume most people do because that’s where people tend to have a lot of clogged pores and blackheads. The only problem with buying only one strip is that the instructions on the package aren’t very good. But you can more or less figure out how to use them, especially if you’ve used similar products.

The patch
There are two sides, one with the grey fur side, see the picture below and one with a black side. The black side is to be used on your nose. And make sure you won't let the grey fur side to be wet because it will be very sticky and the black side would not work that great anymore.
Does it work?
Well I have to say the patch is not very different from other ones, like the ones from biore wich I really loved back then but now it is not that special anymore. It does take dirt from my nose away but not really my black or white heards, only a few ones. If you're ever using this patch, only use it when you have a lot of black/white heads, it may sound a bit weird but when I had a lot of black/white heads, it removed more than that I had a few blackheads. My rating would be 3/5

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