10 Beauty Night Trends From Lauren Conrad

Your skin restores at night, your organs will be able to relax. Relax all your muscles and despite the large body of work already does for you, you can always help your body. Beauty queen Lauren Conrad has 10 great tips that you may find helpful.
1. soft feet
Lubricate before you go to sleep your heels and other rough spots on your feet with Vaseline, and pull it over with thin socks. Guaranteed soft feets when you wake up!
2. swollen eyes
Suffer from thicken skin around your eyes when you wake up? Try to sleep with an extra pillow or on your back. You skin can be more moisturized and circulate better. Also choose an eye cream that contains caffeine to help.
3. curls
If you want to wake up with a natural stroke your hair, sleep with wet hair. Do it in a loose braid or twist your hair into a bun on top of your head to create natural curls.
4. humidifier
Women with dry skin (or eczema), beware! A humidifier at night can change your skin forever. Turn at night also the heating off, you can sleep better with a sweater or an extra blanket. Your skin will be much better.
5. wrinkles
A satin or silk pillowcase is much kinder to your skin. It is softer and also prevents breaking the hair.
6. white Smile
Before you go to sleep, put some baking soda on your teeth and let it sit for five minutes. Rinse your mouth after carefully. It is better to do this before bedtime, because you can't eat and drink anything. Do this no more than once a week.
7. Retinol and vitamin C
Creams containing these ingredients are the best at night. Daylight for reducing the effect of the active substances is good.
8. longer eyelashes
Castor oil is the trick. You can just buy it at health food stores, put it on cleaned eyelashes with a cotton ball before you go to sleep. The remedy is not for nothing called "miracle oil".
9. soft hair
Put a thin layer of conditioner in your hair and leave it overnight in it. Do not forget a towel over your pillow to do and it was morning good.
10. Good cuticles
Grease your fingers with oil or other greasy cream and go to sleep with cotton gloves. This way you are waking up with baby soft cuticles and fingers.

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