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Spring is almost coming to town and I have to say that I am really excited. I absolutely do not like winter, only if it snows but I hate it when it is so cold. Spring and summer are the seasons I love. This year Lush is coming with a new spring collection. Choice of the most vibrant delicious delicious bath ballistics, bubble bars and soaps that are free of preservatives and packaging. And, of course, not tested on animals.
This year, in addition to the returning classics again delicious new products. LUSH Does the delicious products divided into Spring, Easter, Spring Classics, Furoshiki and Gifts. Watch it!

Rose bubble bar (€ 4.95 - vegan) 
This beautiful bubble bar transforms your bath into a field full of pink bubbles. The rosehip oil and cocoa butter soften your skin while the roses and lemon spread a wonderful fragrance. A sweet boost!

Golden Easter Egg bath ballistic melt (€ 5.95 - vegan) 
A ballistic full of soft organic fair trade cocoa butter from the Colombian Peace Village and olive oil that comes from a new permacultuurproject in Palestine. While dissolves the outer layer, the ballistic playfully finds its way through your bath. Oh yes, Golden Egg is wrapped in a layer of plastic-free festive glitter and smells delicious Honey I Washed the Kids bestseller. And that is just as nice as it sounds.

Inhale Exhale bath bomb (€ 5.95 - vegan) 
A new bath bomb consisting of two halves, each lightly scented with the fragrance Gorilla Perfume Breath of God. Half lets you soar with Inhale the scent - fruity, light, rose and neroli-like - and the other half, Exhale, brings you back down to earth with heavier notes like smoky cedar, lemon and grapefruit. An intense experience that you will not want to miss.

Wonder Woohoo bubble bar (€ 6.95 - vegan) 
Bursting sandalwood and Brazilian sweet orange that you also know from our popular perfume The Sun. Also an ideal bubble bar über mommies, because Wonder Woohoo fills you with new energy.

Bunny bubble bar (€ 5.95 - vegan) 
These cute bubble bar in the form of a white rabbit was designed on the basis of a new formulation. The Bunny bubble bar is due to the shea butter and coconut oil a bit like a bubble roon but will cornmeal still surprised by the addition of a pinch. You can this particular bar through the middle break and to use it on two badderbeurten or go straight all the way with a whole lot if you are fond of extreme bubbles with the scent of Creamy Candy.

Carrot Soap (€ 5.95 per 100 grams - vegan) 
A spectacular soap root form where each piece a rabbit is blocked. The orange piece of soap is made from moisturizing carrot oil and white animal that you see inside is made ​​from cocoa butter to soften and nourish your skin. And the smell? Surprisingly, not root-like, but because of the fruity oils of lemon, bergamot and bocco.

Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bars (€ 8.95 - vegan) 
There is' he is again! This time in a bundle of three small roots, so you can use it. Every root fresh Spin a root through your warm bath water so you nice lather. Let the root dry thoroughly so you can use it again.

Bright Side bubble bar (€ 7.10 - vegan) 
This is a keeper, because after Easter you find Brightside in the Lush range back. A cheerful bubble bar that provides you with a fresh swirl. By powerful oils of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot combined with a breeze of lemon you get extra energy. Delicious purifying! While you crumble the bubble bars, bath water turns bright red and orange as a beautiful sunset.

Fluffy Egg bath ballistic (€ 4.95 - vegan) 
Each year a bestseller, you find yourself in luxury water full of marshmallows and jelly beans and sweets without sugar you fill your need again to all.

The Immaculate Eggception bath ballistic (€ 11.95 - vegan) 
A dual bath ballistic with a hollow belly which is exactly enough space for a nice surprise. Break the outer layer and discover a little Easter animal inside. Enjoy the delicious extracts of vanilla absolute, lemon and grapefruit.

Mumkin bubble bar (€ 4.95 - vegan) 
Mumkin won the hearts deep pink and fruity odor. Do you like raspberries? Then you should certainly not miss her.

Secret Garden bath ballistic (€ 4.95, vegan) 
A bath with this bath ballistic and you find yourself in your own flower garden. The petals floating in the water while the roses, wild sweet orange and rosewood oil smell. Enjoy the scent while Secret Garden slowly bubbles up, ultimate relaxation.

Carrot Cone (€ 29.95) 
This giant surprise carrot you find a piece of Carrot soap, a Golden Egg and a Bunch of Carrots.

Strawberries and Cream (€ 24.95 - vegan) 
Includes two products: a rich body lotion with banana, cocoa butter and vanilla, and a massage bar richly filled with strawberries and gecrushte nurturing butters. Content: Sympathy for the Skin Body Lotion (100g) Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar.

Hello Sweetie (€ 14.95 - vegan) 
A nice mix of sweet and fruity scents happy. Yourself or with other Content: Rock Star soap, Sweetie Pie shower jelly

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