Nina Ricci Laduree?

The first time I tasted them and looked at what kind of cookie/dessert it is I thought it was a 'burger' from the tv cartoon Spongebob lol. But anyway I absolutely love macarons, they are like heaven in your mouth. The macarons from Laduree are the best I think. Since the end of January they sell at Laduree in Paris a limited edition kind of macarons. In collaboration with Nina Ricci they have a macaron designed entirely based on the fragrance by Nina Ricci together.
Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette is a modern fairy tale aimed at a younger audience. Nina is an elegant, flowery, fruit smell. This fragrance by Nina Ricci starts sparkling and spontaneous, like a spontaneous laugh with fresh notes of citrus, such as lime and lemon. The heart of the fragrance is moist and caramel-like with notes of candied apple, praline and vanilla. Nina finishes with notes of apple tree, white cedar and musk notes that give your skin warmth and light sensuality.

There was a moment in my mind that they had a perfume taste. Haha that would best be crazy! But they have a filling of raspberry, lime and roses.

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