REVIEW The Body Shop Strawberry Gift Package

A few weeks ago I had this gift box of The Body Shop had the strawberry scent . I had this fun -packed parcels often seen standing in the store and she wanted to secretly been buying for myself , but because I have so many products, I thought, no, I let the other but first take ! And yes, I got this so and am very happy with it !
There are really wonderful products in this gift bag , with a puff , a shower gel , a body polish and body butter . They are all so travel sizes, this set is perfect for traveling away!
The showergel does not have a strong smell , but if you wash it you smell like a explosion of sweetness. This is an ordinary shower gel like many others , I think it's not really anything special .
The scrub smells really awful good , the best of all the products , I think I feel like eating it when I smell it ! There are tiny seeds of bees in nature , then the scrub beads that are fairly mild. You can not have this solid scrub turn give yourself but that is not necessary for a product that you can use every day because your skin could be damaged. I use this scrub along with the puff and natural water , and then he goes delightfully foams.
This body butter is a bit ' hard' of substance and that may mean that it is a good body butter ! I simply always have long nails and then the product underneath down and I just do not find useful . This is of course easy to solve by using a spatula. The product is fairly greasy , attracting not rap in my skin , but if it pulls in my skin soft and nourished . That's all you expect from a boddy butter anyway ?And that delicious smell, heavenly! So far this is my second favorite body butter from the body shop .

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