REVIEW Anatomicals Wake-Up Under Eye Patches

I suffer quickly from dark circles and puffiness. Nothing is nicer than to do something cooling under your eyes, like cucumber slices, wet chamomile tea bags or iced tea spoons. It also can be easier, especially with the 'Puffy the eye bag slayer' by Anatomicals. These patches have been specially developed for tired eyes and, of course, I tested them out so read more about it in this post. Image source: wearefashion / madamlotte

I have not tried any products or the brand yet. You can recognize the brand to the brightly colored packaging and funny texts. The packaging is a bright pink cardboard.

In the box you will find three sets of two eye patches. The patches are packaged well and are quite saturated with moisture. The patches contains water, collagen, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. All ingredients are for hydration which reduces puffiness and dark circles. But not only that, the patches are also good against aging and fading fine lines around the eyes.

On the back of the packaging contains instructions, handy! To use it is advisable to clean your face as well and then dry. Then paste the patches under your eyes and let them sit for 30 minutes. Make sure to check them every 5 minutes because they can fall off of the dark circles area. Also don't put them on too long, it will suck all the lotion into the pads.

My opinion:
I have put them on after work, when I was really tired and I really needed a hydrating moment for my undereyes. The patches feel quite slippery, its pretty wet and it has a fresh floral scent. The smell is quite present but not distracting for me. They feel very good on my skin, very refreshing but didn't worked for my dark circles. But the fresh feeling that these patches give quite honestly is worth to try if you're looking for some hydration! The Anatomicals Wake-Up Under Eye Patches costs € 7.25

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