The breast tape Bye Bra, which is an adhesive breast lift, a strapless bra, a backless bra and an instant breast lift tape all together? The adhesive breast lift tape Bye Bra is a simple solution to quickly and effectively enhance the female breast without the need for surgery or even a bra! The Bye Bra can lift the breasts simply and effectively. Better still, it is not only the breasts which are uplifted—it also significantly raises the self-esteem and mood of the wearer. Not only does it give you the confident feeling of a more attractive appearance; it also allows you to wear clothes which would otherwise be consigned to staying in the wardrobe.
On the front of the pack, we see a lady with lifted breasts. On the back of the packaging is shown the steps explain how to applythe Bye Bra. The contents of the package consists of four patches and eight nipple stickers in the shape of a flower. These patches can stick on your nipplesfor under your clothing for a covered effect
The patches should be applied to a clean, cleansed skin. For the he lower part of the sticker you apply it to the top of the chest above the nipple. Then remove the foil from the top of the sticker and you pull the top part of the sticker up so that your chest is lifted. There will be a ripple occur and your chest will be more ahead. Stick the upper part firmly on the skin above the ripple.
The Bye Bra, however, has pleasantly surprised me. The application went smoothly in one time. It has about near same effect as a bra. The only downside is that it can shine through some clothes. But otherwise it's really a great product, especially dresses with a open back will it be very usefull! You can bye the byebra at and the best of all you can use the special code liveyourdreams for 30% off!

What is that bag called? Different styles of bags

A backpack, shoulder bag or clutch we can appoint more. However, there are a lot of different kinds of handbags and all associated names can sometimes cause confusion. Here are some pictures of different kind of bags withtheir names and how you could wear it. All images are taken from google.

HEELS | Girls can never have too many shoes

A girl can never have too many shoes, sounds familar too us girls right? For me example, I just love shoes! And since I have two weddings, one from my niece and one from a good friend of my mother, where I am gonna be a brides made! How excited right? And of course I need to have a wonderfull pair of heels to wear with the dresses! And since the weddings are in the summer, I have been looking for some strappy heels or just heeled sandals.
Lately I discovered this website yes they do sell a lot of dresses but also shoes and home&garden furniture and related stuff. Well back to the heels, I was looking over at the shoes they sell and wow, it is just like a shoe heaven on a website. They offer different kind of styles, from pumps and heels to ballet flats and they are offering 20% and 30% off now!
From my view heeled sandals like gladiator strappy heels or wedges are like the perfect summer heels. Wedges are great for people who can't wear high heels very long, since you have a wedge support under your heel. Check out wedge sandals from dressale HERE. 

Gladiator and strappy heels have always been my favorite choice. Esspecially strappy heels, strappy heels are totally hot this summer! You can style them in different ways, for example with a boy-friend jeans or ripped jeans, this style is totally hot under the fashion bloggers and celebrities. The key components to this look are the minimal amount of 'foot coverage', the anke strap and it's ability to make your leg  go on forever! One of my favorite bloggers song of style is rockin the heels!
My fav picks of gladiator heels from Click on the picture if you want to get linked to the shoes. And the best of all, all the shoes I picked are all under $31!!

The tips for soft and kissable lips

Naturally pink, soft and most important free dry lips. How do you get that? Everyone has suffered from dry lips. In the winter lips are soon rough and dry because of the cold and large temperature differences between inside and outside. Here are tips for getting soft and kissable lips.

Tip 1 brush after brushing your lips with your toothbrush. This will remove dead skin cells and ensures that they get a natural pink color.
Tip 2 Scrub once a week with a lipscrub. This is a simple matter to make a hash of brown sugar and olive oil. Lubricate your lips with it in, rinse and you feel like the result of smooth lips. The sugar exfoliates and the oil causes the lips retain moisture for a wrinkle free skin.
Tip 3 Buy a lip balm containing the following ingredients are:
- SPF - this ensures that your lips are protected from the sun. - Vitamin E - brings moisture balance. - Dexpanthenol - retains moisture and prevents dehydration. This ingredient stimulates the reform of skin cells.
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