HEELS | Girls can never have too many shoes

A girl can never have too many shoes, sounds familar too us girls right? For me example, I just love shoes! And since I have two weddings, one from my niece and one from a good friend of my mother, where I am gonna be a brides made! How excited right? And of course I need to have a wonderfull pair of heels to wear with the dresses! And since the weddings are in the summer, I have been looking for some strappy heels or just heeled sandals.
Lately I discovered this website dressale.com yes they do sell a lot of dresses but also shoes and home&garden furniture and related stuff. Well back to the heels, I was looking over at the shoes they sell and wow, it is just like a shoe heaven on a website. They offer different kind of styles, from pumps and heels to ballet flats and they are offering 20% and 30% off now!
From my view heeled sandals like gladiator strappy heels or wedges are like the perfect summer heels. Wedges are great for people who can't wear high heels very long, since you have a wedge support under your heel. Check out wedge sandals from dressale HERE. 

Gladiator and strappy heels have always been my favorite choice. Esspecially strappy heels, strappy heels are totally hot this summer! You can style them in different ways, for example with a boy-friend jeans or ripped jeans, this style is totally hot under the fashion bloggers and celebrities. The key components to this look are the minimal amount of 'foot coverage', the anke strap and it's ability to make your leg  go on forever! One of my favorite bloggers song of style is rockin the heels!
My fav picks of gladiator heels from dressale.com. Click on the picture if you want to get linked to the shoes. And the best of all, all the shoes I picked are all under $31!!

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