The tips for soft and kissable lips

Naturally pink, soft and most important free dry lips. How do you get that? Everyone has suffered from dry lips. In the winter lips are soon rough and dry because of the cold and large temperature differences between inside and outside. Here are tips for getting soft and kissable lips.

Tip 1 brush after brushing your lips with your toothbrush. This will remove dead skin cells and ensures that they get a natural pink color.
Tip 2 Scrub once a week with a lipscrub. This is a simple matter to make a hash of brown sugar and olive oil. Lubricate your lips with it in, rinse and you feel like the result of smooth lips. The sugar exfoliates and the oil causes the lips retain moisture for a wrinkle free skin.
Tip 3 Buy a lip balm containing the following ingredients are:
- SPF - this ensures that your lips are protected from the sun. - Vitamin E - brings moisture balance. - Dexpanthenol - retains moisture and prevents dehydration. This ingredient stimulates the reform of skin cells.
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