Make up printing? That is not possible anyway? Soon it will! The device is called Mink and was conceived and invented by Grace Choi . Grace was irritated by the fact that you can never find the perfect color in the store. With Mink printer you can print any color you always wanted. You don't need complicated programs and or knowledge required , only a color picker to select the color that you want exactly translate to a hex code . That's it !
You just need a picture of the colour you want and that's it. The printer substrates ( which is printed ) needs , and ink . The substrates are made of the same materials as the make -up of big brands and they are all approved by the FDA ( Food and Drug Association) .
As far as is known , any type of print makeup is possible : foundation , lipstick , powder, blush , lip gloss , highlighters everything . The printer will cost around $300, which amounts to approximately € 215. You'll have to buy the substrates and ink , but according to Grace Choi those will also be quite affordable .
Well guys what do you think? Sounds quite unreal right? Watch the video below for a demonstration.

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